WM Capture can record directly in DVD format saving you hours of transcoding or converting. To make a DVD do the following:

  1. After recording a video in DVD format click VIEW, right click the recorded file name (extension dvd.mpg), select DVD from the pop-up menu then click Make DVD ISO files to author the DVD file. The Make DVD Files dialog window opens.
  2. Once the DVD authoring shows Done click Files on the “Make DVD files” dialog then click Open DVD folder. The DVD folder opens showing two folders VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS.
  3. Insert a blank DVD, open your DVD burner software, drag the folders VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS into your DVD software window and burn DVD as Data Disc. Make sure you choose the Data Disc burning option and close the DVD when burning is finished.

During recording it is important that your computer maintain the required DVD frame rates. To do this try the following

  1. Start your movie, pause it and mark the video window using WM Capture markers.
  2. Open WM Capture Settings, Video Capture Options, make sure the resize box shows 720×480 (or 720×540 for PAL DVD’s). Click Set Markers. Try to adjust the movie window as close as possible to the marked rectangle.
  3. Use Windows “Best performance” mode instead of “Best appearance” on Vista/Win7 computers. You can open Windows Performance Settings from WM Capture (click Settings/Tool/Windows best performance) or simply switch Windows theme from Aero to Windows 7 Basic (right click the desktop then click Personalize).