A 0x800C0008 error is INET_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE. Due to security vulnerabilities that have cropped up on the internet recently, our servers have moved to a more secure form of communication. Since our licensing system uses parts of Internet Explorer, it is possible that your Internet Explorer does not have TLS enabled although it should. Let's make sure TLS is activated in your Internet settings.

1) Open the Windows Control Panel.

2) Click Network and Internet. Click Internet Options.

3) In the resulting Internet Properties window, click the Advanced Tab.

4) Scroll down the listing and make sure the TLS options are enabled (depending on your IE version, there might be multiple TLS entries). Click OK to save the changes.

5) Restart the Applian software and see if the error returns.

I have attached a screenshot showing the location of the TLS settings in Internet Properties.

Also make sure the computer time is correct, a firewall is not blocking the software, IE is installed, and that IE is not set in Offline mode.

We also created a webpage on this as well: