Table of Contents

Quick Start

  • Add the files you want to convert to Replay Converter. You can either drag them onto the window, click the Select Filesbutton, or choose File > Open (Command +O).
  • Select your desired device output format using the row of icons along the bottom of the window (Apple TV, iPad, etc.) TheMore button lets you choose from many other formats. The Music button will convert a video or audio file to music format.
  • The clever spinning icons on the right tell you exactly what's happening during the conversion.

What The Icons Mean

Hint: Some of these icons only appear when you mouse over another icon.

 Pending Conversion. Ready to go!

 Remove an unconverted file from the list.

 Converting in process.

 Stop Converting.

 Sending file to iTunes.


 Show your converted file in Finder.

 Error. We hope you never see this. But if you do, click the icon to send us a report.

View Media Info

Move your cursor over the thumbnail and the information icon appears.

Click the icon to reveal the media file properties. You'll also find here the ability to add subtitles and other advanced options.

Set Conversion Destination

Click the destination button at the bottom of the main interface to set where you'd like Replay Converter to save your converted files.

destination button

Open Converted Files Folder

Click the right-side of the destination button on the main interface to open your chosen destination folder.

open destination folder

Managing Your Files In The Conversion List

Once you've added files to the queue you can re-arrange the conversion order of files before you start converting.

  • Click on a file in the queue to select it.
  • To move the file up or down in the queue, either:
    • Click, hold and drag the item to move it to the position of your choosing.
    • On your keyboard, hold down Option and use the Up and Down arrow keys to move the file; or,
    • Right click the file and select Move Up or Move Down.

General Preferences

To access Replay Converter's preferences, select Replay Converter > Preferences from the top menu bar.

Here's what you can configure:

  • Automatically Add to iTunes: Enable this option and files that are iTunes compatible will add to your iTunes library.
    • Send copy to Trash after adding to iTunes: If Automatically Add to iTunes is enabled, you can also select the option to send the copy from the Replay Converter folder to the trash after adding to iTunes. This will prevent duplicate files.
  • Sound Alerts: Replay Converter plays a short sound when all conversions are completed. Here you can elect to turn those sounds off, or have the sound play after each completed file conversion.
  • Send Original to Trash: Sends the original file to the trash. This can be useful with very large files.
  • Preserve File Times: Enable this option to maintain the date & time of the original file in the converted file.
  • Search for Video Information: Searches the web for TV/Movie information, including posters, titles and descriptions.

Advanced Preferences

  • Dolby Digital (AC3) Audio: Not all devices can play AC3 audio. If your device can play AC3 using pass-through will improve speed and sound quality.
  • DTS Audio: Few devices can play DTS audio. Here you can choose what format you would prefer. AC3 may not play on all devices, only choose this if you're sure.
  • Preserve Surround AAC Audio: Apple devices don't officially support AAC Surround. Only enable this if you know you need it.
  • Force Conversion of AVCHD: AVCHD (MTS files) do not always work correctly if not fully converted. Turning this option off leads to very fast processing, but can lead to poor playback.
  • Use Multiple Cores: Uses multiple cores for conversion. Leads to much faster conversion times.
  • Append Destination Type: Appends a destination suffix to the end of the converted file names. For example, if you choose the music conversion type, "music" will be appended to the file name.
  • Preferred Language: The language used for meta-data and subtitle search. If no information can be found in this language, English will be used.
  • Search for Subtitles: Enable this option to have Replay Converter look for subtitles.

Customize the Default Conversion Buttons

You can easily change the conversion buttons on the main interface so they default to your favorite conversion types. SelectReplay Converter > Preferences from the top menu bar, then choose the Conversions tab. Click the button that you'd like to replace with another format. You'll find lots of options.