BlackHole is a free, open-source utility that allows applications like Jaksta Music Recorder and Jaksta Screen Recorder to record the system audio.

BlackHole has replaced the Soundflower utility that was featured in previous versions of Jaksta Music Recorder and Jaksta Screen Recorder.

BlackHole needs to be installed and configured manually by using the following process:

  1. Go to: blackhole/
  2. Enter in your details and press the 'Subscribe for Free Mac Download' button
  3. Wait for email to be received 
    • See notes regarding email on the page
  4. Use the code in the email to access the installer download page
  5. Click the 'BlackHole 2ch vX.X.X' download button
  6. Run the downloaded installer and go through the installation process
  7. Open: Audio MIDI Setup application
  8. Press the '+' button in the bottom-left and select 'Create Multi-Output Device'
    • This will create a new Multi-Output Device which will appear in the device list down the side, and will be automatically selected
  9. Tick 'BlackHole 2ch' ON in the 'Use' column to the left
    • Built-in Output should already be ticked ON
  10. Use the 'Master Device:' selector to toggle between the two devices and ensure that both have the 'Sample Rate:' selector set to '44.1kHz' - manually change if needed

Please refer to the User Guides for Jaksta Music Recorder and Jaksta Screen Recorder to learn how to use BlackHole with them.

NOTE: If you encounter any issues regarding the installation and/or configuration of BlackHole then you will need to seek support from the developers.