Older versions of Replay Converter may not be able to access our registration server to activate the program. Updating to a newer version is the best course of action. But for those that do not wish to update, here's the workaround:

  1. Download register.zip from here: http://downloads.applian.com.s3.amazonaws.com/Register.zip
  2. Unzip to find register.dll
  3. In Windows Explorer navigate to the folder where Replay Converter 4 resides. Likely C:/Program Files/Replay Converter 4
  4. Copy register.dll into that directory replacing the file of the same name currently there.
  5. Close Replay Converter and re-open. You should now be able to successfully activate.
  6. If you still have an issue then it is due to changes in technology since this version came out. You would then want to upgrade.