Follow these step by step instructions to direct download BBC archived / on demand shows:

1. Open Replay Radio 9

2. Open iplayer Converter

3. Find your on demand show by Browsing the Schedules or lists of Shows

4. Click on the "Details" hyperlink at the end of that show's information

5. Highlight and copy the Playlist URL (this begins ‘’)

6. Return to Replay Radio 9 and click the 'Add Show' button

7. In the Schedule window, you can name the show as you'd like it to appear.

8. Paste the previously copied URL into the URL field

9. In the drop down ‘Capture’ field select Direct Download

10. ‘Download’ is set automatically to Normal - keep as that default

11. All other fields can remain as is, unless you wish to convert the file to another format

12. The file download is in its native .mpg format. If you want another format for playback, you would select the appropriate conversion option from the Convert field. The file will then be automatically converted after the download is complete

13. Click ‘OK’. You can then right click on your show in the Schedule window and click Start Recording. The file data will be downloaded, and will stop automatically when the entire show has been downloaded.

Please note that the iplayerconverter BBC audio archives are ONLY available for 7 days. For archive shows that you want to record but are older than 7 days, but are still available on BBC, follow these steps:

1. Find your desired show on the respective BBC page.

2. Click to play the audio stream, then right click on the image. 

3. The audio information will appear. At the end will be a character string called a VPID. For example, b006srkl

4. The VPID details cannot be copied and pasted. So, you will need to remember them / write them down so they can be entered into the following string:

5. You can see the bolded VPID example is entered. The rest of the URL string always remains the same. You would just enter the correct VPID.

6. Then copy that string into the URL field when adding a New Show as specified in the above method to record archive / on demand shows.